Advantages of Using Wetsuits

Published: 27th April 2010
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Whenever we speak of wetsuits we are often reminded of "diving suits". However use of wetsuits is not just limited to scuba diving. Since the first time wetsuits have ever been introduced, they are being used for variety of purposes. In fact these suits have undergone lot of changes to accommodate customer requirements. A variety of wetsuits are available in the market including men's wetsuits, kid's wetsuits and surf suits.

The main purpose behind using a wetsuit is to provide insulation to the body and protect it from hypothermia. Wondering what hypothermia is? Hypothermia is a condition where body temperature drops below the normal that is required for body metabolism. Wetsuits are usually made of synthetic rubber known as neoprene. These suits are designed in such a way that a layer of water is enclosed within the material. The body temperature of the person wearing the suit would keep the water within it warmer than the external temperature.

Although several kinds of wetsuits are available in the market, they can be broadly categorised into two kinds- short wetsuits and full body wetsuits. Even though both of them are equally popular, short wetsuits are preferred for warm waters. Not only this most people prefer short wetsuits to full body suits because of its comfort. However, choice of wetsuits should be made depending on your individual usage and preference.

For activities like kayaking, surfing and wake boarding where you need to move your limbs freely, short wetsuits are ideal. But in case of cold water sports or activities, short wetsuits should not be preferred at all. Full body suits as the name suggests cover the entire body including arms and legs thus help in preventing hypothermia. Besides maintaining body temperature, these wetsuits also protect you from potential threat from jelly fishes, sea rocks, and corals and from stings of marine animals while enjoying scuba diving and snorkelling.

There are numerous benefits of using wetsuits. Some of them are discussed below:

• In case of water spots like waterskiing or wake boarding, these suits protect your body from hard water falls.

• People enjoying scuba diving need to protect themselves from sharp corals and even UV rays of sun. What else could be perfect than a full body wetsuit.

• A variety of men's wetsuits and kid's suits are available which can be used for open water swimming sports and triathlons.

• Besides the look and comfort of this surf wear, they also protect your body from buoyancy and hydrodynamic curve.

The choice of wetsuit ultimately depends on the purpose or nature of sport one pursues. From safety aspect, full body wetsuits are always better when compared to short ones. But when it comes to comfort and flexibility in body movements, you can go for short wetsuit or even the lighter version of a full body wetsuit.

Due care should be taken in maintenance and storage of a wetsuit. People using wetsuits should abide by the instructions given by manufacturer while washing and storing a wetsuits. You would be able to enjoy all the benefits of a wetsuit as long as you maintain it properly.

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